Saturday, 29 September 2012

My cooked altenator stator

Well I didn't want to have to rip it out, and it wasn't until I was totally sure that it was this part (cos its damn annoying to get to).

The final clue in my diagnosis was that there was continuity to ground from each of the stator ouptut points. Since they are floating, this should not be.

After pulling it out I can see the problem clearly.

So its time for a new stator.
You can read about the install here.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

the rarest rose

it would seem unlikely that lyrics by Annie Lennox for an adaptation of Bram Stokers Dracula could so neatly sum up my feelings and my situation. Much like that character I fell in love with a most preciously beautiful woman and well before either of us was ready she was taken from me (and her from this world) suddenly. My darling wife and I shared a love of almost everything in life. Perhaps strongest was our shared love of the outdoors, we have travelled to, hiked and skiied many places together since we met.

There can be no other woman on this planet who could possibly be such a perfect match for me, or (as it seemed) me for her. She was to me the rarest rose that ever deigned to bloom.

Come into these arms again
and lay your body down
The rhythm of this trembling heart
is beating like a drum
It beats for you it bleeds for you
it knows not how it sounds
For it is the drum of drums
it is the song of songs

Once I had the rarest rose
that ever deemed to bloom
Cruel winter chilled the bud
and stole my flower too soon
Oh loneliness Oh hopelessness
to search the ends of time
For there is in all the world
no greater love than mine.

Let me be the only one 
to keep you from the cold 
Now the floor of heaven is laid 
the stars are bright as gold
They shine for you they shine for you
they burn for all to see 
Come into these arms again 
and set this spirit free

Even though she is now taken from this world, she will be forever in my heart

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My heartfelt thanks to QANTAS

It has been a little while since I got home and (feeling slightly tardy) it is cercainly time to give my great thanks to the team at QANTAS Airlines.

As an Australian I naturally turned to them when the unexpected news of my wifes critical medical condition arrived. The people I spoke with (yes, I got to speak with caring people not just call center payees) were compassionate and understanding. They didn't ask me to repeat the same mundane information and were exemplary in their professionalism.

This experience was backed up on the Flight with the staff knowing the situation and being caring and accommodating.

When I left I had been told that Anita was critically ill having had a cardiac arrest after a discovery of a serious brain tumor. I was in touch with the hospital every couple of hours by phone and my family was putting the phone to my wifes ear so that I could tell her I was on my way and I would be there soon.

As I stood at the airport waiting departure I took this snap out the window and sent it to her phone so that her sister could tell her I was on my way.

On the flight the staff gave me access to private areas where I could pray for Gods mercy and for a miracle to save her life.

Sadly God was not in a merciful mood this time, and when I got to Singapore I was told she had died. The next 13 hours at the back of a Finnair flight was among the longest time I ever recall in my life. I was at least blessed by the time of a more mature hostess who gave me some hours to talk about my wife and the way we met and how much I loved her in the back of the plane.

On my way home after we had buried Anita I was still deeply grieving. Again the staff (one of whom was on my flight out) were simply special and gave me a place to sit where I could cry as I needed without needing to be self conscious about the other passengers.

This was very much appreciated and helped me to return home with less trauma than having to just sit among other passengers jammed into cattle class.

To the staff at QANTAS I take off my hat to you and give you my heartfelt recognition of your kindness and sensitivity.

While I still suffer from the loss of my beautiful Anita, your work made my life a lot easier at that time.

To Alan Joyce I would ask you to pause for a moment and reflect on your corporate psycopathy and how you are stripping Australia of a business service which is not only about bottom lines. Its about being handled sensitively by people of your own culture and society. People whom with one shares common values compassion and social understanding.

I sincerely hope that QANTAS retains some its character which it still retains to this day. If it doesn't then I hope the future judges you appropriately for your part in killing the spirit of Australia.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sustainable (active) transport

One of the things I like about Finland is that people actually use bicycles in their daily lives for actual transport. They ride them to work and even take their kids places using them.

Anita (my wife) used to work in a section of Queensland Government which was involved with transport planning. Being here now and seeing this again reminds me of what Australia is doing wrong in both town planning and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Finnish people seem to stick at it despite less than favourable weather too.

Perhaps thats sisu