Sunday, 31 January 2016

holidays started

for one reason or another I've actually never taken a big bunch of leave from work. So with Sunday being the first day of the week I'm officially starting 4 weeks leave.

Its been a productive day on house renovations and this afternoon while having a beer on the balcony got to see a full and in fact double rainbow.

So with the GWC-1 whacked onto the front of my 14mm my GF-1 got the entire width.

lets hope its a sign that the year is starting well...

Sunday, 3 January 2016

down at the beach

was down walking on the beach (as I am wont to do) and was struck by a few things of beauty.

the sky

and this little noxious bastard washed up on the sand

which you don't want to find when you are in the water.

So, in the spirit of the best camera you have is the camera you have with you I thought I would share these images which happen to be from my trusty Nokia E-72 phone, which has been giving me great shots since I bought it used in 2012...

not bad for a 2009 phone in 2016, and still generates lots of interest on my blog

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years thoughts

Ten years ago I was in a new relationship with the woman who would become my wife. We were in China and celebrating the new year

Starting 2006 on a frozen river seemed like a totally new direction was happening in my life. It was and I found a permanent bond with a new land.

We lived and loved and in the three years since she has gone I still feel the gifts of her love.

I do wish that she was still here.

Time is short my friends, live life , plan for a good future but do not waste the present; all too soon it may become the past.

I wish you Peace

New Years and meeting new people

I was at the house of one of my good friends (may I say "adopted family") of many years standing had his brother over with his new son to join everyone for New Years. So I snapped this shot of the young woman with the Oly 45mm f1.7 on my GF-1

Turned out well I think ... which is just as well, as there were quite a many that didn't because the camera seized upon the background ...

As you can see the camera picked the pillow (which was actually within the bracket which had the babys face) ... although it had not latched onto face detect.

Which brings me to my side point ... if you want to take reliable photographs of kids, use an SLRalike camera where you can focus and confirm focus visually ... back of camera screens are just not sufficient, especially if you happen to crave "fast lenses".

Well it was nice to bring in the new year out on the balcony and enjoy nice time with friends and new family.