Tuesday, 9 November 2021

making a bet

 I like to see if my predictions are correct, so based on this article I'll predict that the outcomes of the projections are all appearing to reach an asymptote. So I'll just say "we'll not reach above it in my life time".

for clarity  ... this means we won't have a self sustaining fusion reaction that produces grid scale power in my lifetime.

Thursday, 4 November 2021

The AOL effect


Many years ago the internet was a place where only government agencies or education facilities existed. These players were denoted by one of the following domain suffixes:


Then along came the .com revolution and those of us on the net found a new group of people "the general public". At first this was people who were not typical members of the public because in 1989 the people who had a computer were fewer and usually had some legitimate business reason to own something of such specific use. 

AoL however tried to capture the mums and dads of America and the experience became more and more the opinionated and uneducated and quickly if you saw a argument occuring you'd find that the protagonist had a domain suffix like .aol

Quickly it became known as Arseholes On Line and opinions were more like:

Then came internet on phones and it all got much worse as the base of internet use expanded. To me its not insignificant that the guy is using an Apple computer. Despite Apple not being the first to produce smartphones, they were the first to lowball it ot the General Public even adding cunning things to their default system seeings like "Sent from my iPhone" on emails. Making idiots think that only iPhones could do that , while making the rest of us facepalm.

Now its about "main stream TV" level.

Saturday, 23 October 2021

are we the masters?

 Its often good to have a background in biology to be able to ask questions like: who is in charge

"However, we should never forget the hard-won cautionary lessons of history. Alchemy was not only a proto-science, but also a “hyper-science” that overpromised and underdelivered. Astrological predictions were taken so seriously that life had to adapt to theory, instead of the other way around. Unfortunately, modern society is not free from such magical thinking, putting too much confidence in omnipotent algorithms, without critically questioning their logical or ethical basis." (citation)

and are we then to become like wheat to the AI? Because wheat could be see as having enslaved humans as propagators and carers for it.

Worthy thought right there about the basis of symbiosis.

If we defer to the new religion to run our lives we need to ask basic questions like "is the machine a good parent".

Good Morning

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

The Big Question

I read this Guardian article this morning and it resonated with some of my views. Without reading too much into the word "meaning" in this it makes the important point of "we're all we've got"and perhaps we should stop thinking about SciFi, stop placing God as the center and start thinking about humanity as the center ... 

I would place religion as a key player in our environmental problems as well as our problems of getting along together. Religions (particularly the Abrahamic stemmed faiths) somehow are key in fostering the idea that somehow "God" and the "Final Conflict" are what we were created for.

So its not for the prudent management of our selves and our world, its somehow about pleasing God. Its almost as if all religions want to celebrate our death as the sacrifice for God.

To me this is complete madness.

The reality as I see it is that we have (in the last few dozen years) become truly world changing agents and are slowly waking up to that fact. 

We have to realise that if we fuck up here we fall forever, there is no "new land" to migrate to.

We need to get rid of the toxic mental disease at the heart of most of religion (all or most of them really) and make anthropocentric views the center of what's important.

Now to be clear I am not saying that  there is no God, what I am saying is that the human views of God are wrong. If we continue to rely on the ideas of a bunch of illiterate un-educated sheep shaggers and War Lords to inform us of what God is then we're locked into a thinking from 2000 years ago which is entirely out of step with human capacity right now.