Wednesday, 10 September 2008

my little colony

when you leave Australia (for work and expat living) people often say things to Australians that make you think "no, we're not just a little ex colony".

But then you read things like this. Now keep in mind that this involves two "respectable" members of society the Minister of Police for New South Wales, and the Member of Parliment representing Wollongong (a significant area in NSW).

Here's just the juicy bits.

A witness told The Australian Mr Brown stripped down to his "very brief" underpants and danced to loud "Oxford Street-style" techno music on a green leather Chesterfield couch he had recently ordered for his office.The witness said Mr Brown "mounted the chest" of Wollongong MP Noreen Hay.The witness said Mr Brown called out to Ms Hay's adult daughter during the performance: "Look at this, I'm tittie-f..king your mother!"

intelligently Ms Hay denys all knowledge of the event"

Contacted before Mr Brown's confession, Ms Hay admitted there was a function, but said: "I can tell you I have never seen Matt Brown without his clothes.[clearly they were in the room on the floor!] If anything such as that was to occur, it was certainly not while I was present." Ms Hay was implicated in the recent bribery and corruption scandal at Wollongong Council before being cleared of any wrongdoing.

just beautiful ... makes me proud to be an Australian (where is that rock?)

How can we not think something is very wrong with our system?


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