Friday, 26 August 2011

new micro43 stuff

Regular readers of my blog may know of my interest in the micro 4/3 camera system; a system which promises smaller lighter cameras with big sensors as in most DSLR cameras.

Today I read that Panasonic have now released a new lens in the micro4/3 system range which at last brings compact zoom to interchangeable lens cameras.

I found this comparison image as part of an image on the dpreview site (here) and I think it shows just how compact they have managed this new lens is.

The new lens seems to draw upon the sort of motorised lens extension that all digicams have had since about the year 2000. So you get a compact lens for travel that opens out a little for use.

It would seem that the new lens is nearly as compact as the 14mm pancake or 20mm. But importantly it gets OIS while the others don't.

This is actually really significant when doing video. Even though fans of the 20mm will tout how much better it is to have the extra stops of light that only counts for something in stills. In video having OIS means with a reasonably steady hand you've got vid as smooth as if it was on a tripod.


As I have mentioned before we just don't see many (until now) compact lenses in the micro4/3 lens range and why can't we have digital cameras with interchangeable lenses which are compact.

Below is my Panasonic G1 with Pentax 110 lenses; a camera from the late 70's which used film of almost exactly the size of the sensor in the 4/3 cameras.

110-50mm 110-kit

You can see that these lenses are quite compact and light. The one on the left is a 50mm which equates to an effective focal length of 100mm ... that's right a portrait telephoto.

Well it seems that since 2009 we are now starting to see movement at the station.


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