Monday, 16 January 2012

what drives making things cheaper

Economists would often say its economy of scale

Personally I reckon its often just exploitation. This "expose" bags iPhone and Apple, but I wonder how different it is for HTC, Lenovo, HP ...

I guess people would call this development


Charles Maclauchlan said...

Ahh Economics. As a lifelong "student" (more correctly observer) I have come to understand how incredibly simple the basic economic principles are. However, when applied over and over again the results are complex and staggering. Plenty of room for interpretation...much of which is driven by preconceived notions.

obakesan said...

Hi Charles

Agree about economics. I find myself moving from the position (20 years ago) of feeling it was a tool to obscure to realizing that was just the practices of a few and approaching it myself. Personally I think the biggest problem has been the uncritical acceptance of some principles by students.

I see this changing