Monday, 7 May 2012

Feral dogs (and their owners)

We were out on a walk through local bushlands this morning and came upon the grisly find of  this dead wallaby.

The poor thing had been killed most likely by a predator as we were nowhere near any road and since there was no sign of bullet or weapons marks it was not likely to be a person.

Examining the carcas (which was relatively untouched) seemed to show evidence that it was killed by dogs. The marks on the throat and the marks on the Achilles tendon indicates that to me.

Given the location here I'm inclined to believe it was just pets that aren't controlled and go out for a bit of fun now n then. This is in more or less one of the remaining nature reserves in the area.

Of course all the dog lovers hate the rules that enforce them being responsible, any suggestion that people obey the laws and control their dogs and you're turned into a "dog hater".

Its a nice area which is (sadly) being surrounded by the deluge of development (which has been on the go for some decades now).

The wallaby was quite small (thus young), so I'm guessing that the dogs ran it down and killed it more easilly than a larger adult.

Its lucky for the Koalas in the area that they happen to sleep up in the branches ....

gosh they're lovely, and sadly getting rare to see in the wild around here.

It was generally nice to be out walking in the area today (the wallaby find not withstanding) and it was lovely to see the Koala too.

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