Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The journey home

Today we transported my wife from Helsinki back to Heinavesi in preparation for her funeral. It was a long day with not much to recommend for it.

The church which will conduct the funeral is a lovely old gothic wooden building which dates from the 1890's. The view from the hill is nice too.

My wife has family connections here so its a nice place to put her to rest among family.

One step at a time, makes this all possible as even each step feels hard. The journey feels impossible right now.

Thanks everyone for your support


Jao said...

That is a beautiful place. I wish you and all the other family and friends all the strength and have you in my thoughts.

Noons said...

In our thoughts, Chris.
I'm sure Anita's spirit will be happy with this beautiful place.
May you also find some confort, my friend.

Yu-Lin Chan said...

Hang in there friend. Life must go on and I am sure she wants you to live a happy and full life.

Anni13 said...

Thinking of you Chris

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Anita, it was a pleasure to have met you briefly, rest in peace in your beautiful homeland!

Chris, my condolences at such sad news. There's an ear and a shoulder here when you need it mate!

Jules :o(

writeagenn said...

A most beautiful place for Anita to complete her journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Chris. You have our friendship and support in these sad times. May Anita rest in peace at home with her family.
Elissa and Rohan.

Sandra f said...

I chanced on your messages whilst trying to get some information on lenses. I do not know you but feel so sad for you in your loss and send my condolences to you and your family.
With warm regards
North Wales UK