Friday, 21 December 2012

where there's a will there's a fight

and where something is dead there are often maggots and grubs.

My father's partner of some 20 years passed away just before he did. Actually I think its fair to say that her passing was cause for him to give up hope. He gave everything to look after her in her later years (as she was not of good health) and in my mind found some soft of redemption for his failure in doing the right thing for my mother.

Gwen left all her estate to him in her will, primarily because her daughters refused to do anything to assist her or even send her a birthday card for decades. Dad had not amassed any fortunes (well and neither had Gwen), leaving behind just a bunch of personal effects and family items such as photographs and military discharge papers of her late husband (not my dad) and just enough money to cover her funeral as well as enough for my fathers funeral too.

Naturally her daughters decided to contest the will ... Today I got the letter from the solicitor:

The two maggots moved in to contest the will as soon as they found opportunity to, and stripped the lot.
So I was left to find the funds to bury my father in a decent (but humble) manner.

I was not about to consume all of those funds ($10,000) and more in defending this matter in court.

Better to let the worms get it.

Not even a thank you note for all the work we did in helping her move and processing and packing her estate.

Humans disgust me sometimes.

If there is a god I hope he judges them better than I would.

Merry Christmas S and D

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Charles Maclauchlan said...

Essentially it seems they agree that their mother left everything to your father then contest the way your father's estate spends the money. Incredible what passes for law.