Monday, 5 August 2013

On yer bike

Clearly even in a small town you need some way to get around. As Finland is such a bicycle friendly place (as is much of Europe) I bought a bicycle!

Ok, its a girls bike (to my tittering Aussie mates back home) but its quite good at what I want it for, which is as a town bike.

The shimano Nexus hub gears are perfectly adequate in ranges for the local riding. 1st is good enough for all the hills here and 7th is as fast as one wants to go in mixed pedestrian cyclepaths.

I rode it some 20km home from where I bought it, and already its been a practical work horse too

ya mule :-)


Aunty Lou said...

It looks like a beaut! Now I just have to find something similar here! It is fun learning all this new stuff. Good/safe riding buddy :)

Yu-Lin Chan said...

Looks like a nice all-around bike, equivalent to a nice walk around lens :)

I have a Shimano Nexus 4 speed internal hub that I bought used and is looking forward to putting it on a frame and try it out. I have never ridden a bike with an internal hub and I just wanted to see how it shifts and rides.

h said...

I remember reading somewhere that the bent frame bike was just declared a 'girls' bike' as a marketing ploy. They needed a hook to market the different style; and figured "hey if you were wearing a skirt this would be easier than a triangle frame" and that's what they went with.

Could be apocryphal but wouldn't surprise me.

Mackapacka said...

I've started riding around the Coombabah Lakeland reserve. I'll probably start riding to work on the odd day as well. Take care.