Friday, 14 February 2014

Gold bugs bug me

As it happens I have an amount of my savings (the wanky name is 'investment portfolio') in Gold. I keep an eye on the prices (out of interest) but I'm not really able to buy right now (lets not go into that, but here is a good start for you).

Today I was reading about Gold rocketing up ... "yeah yeah" I thought. Looking at the 30Day picture its a sky rocket

WOW ... go girl go (say the stokers and the fools). Shit like "these new heights are a testing point", "haven't been seen since..." (... last time)

To quote from Magic Roundabout "boing" said Zebedee...

Zooming back out to the last year ... reveals a different picture

where todays "bull run" is just a little piddle. What is wrong with these wankers? Oh ... right ... King Wang doesn't even have one eye. Get a grip folks (and no, on the facts, not your oldfella)

They say you catch more people with sugar than vinegar. Bullshit seems to work too.

The fact is far more claim to predict than can. If you look at the above graph you can find just as many "up turns" that went nowhere as you'll find downturns (well more downturns really). If you can predict the future then good for you. Myself, I'm just in for the long haul and sell if I need to (like because of life issues).

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Yu-Lin Chan said...

If you don't need the money right away, gold is still a better investment than most stocks, because it's something you can hold in your hands. When a stock is gone, it's gone.