Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bar ends on my round town MTB

There is of course no end to the variety of handle bar grips on bikes. However I get tired of them going 'mankey' with sweat and humidity around this neck of the woods, so I thought I would try something different this time.

I got some padded road bike corking tape off eBay for about $4 posted. It came in two lengths (left and right side right) and I used about a third of one of the lengths to fit up my bar ends.

I secured it with a little bit of self anealing silicon tape (called tommy tape, used about 6cm of that) and they work great.

Cycling was meant to be cheap.

Like me ;-)

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Yu-Lin Chan said...

Me too! I am cheap when it comes to biking :) The worse is the sticky rubber on road bike brake grips, which I have been riding for the last week or so, instead of my single speed bike. Cork bar tapes are great as they absorb sweat much better, not to mention much more comfortable.