Thursday, 28 August 2014

the Rabbit Proof Fence

In the early days of the settlement of Australia some idiot released rabbits into the landscape. There was great damage to the environment and indeed great financial losses to the pastoralists and graziers of the day. In an effort to stop the spread (before eventually technology allowed biological methods were employed) a rabbit proof fence was built in many parts of Australia. This one is just near me and passes through the rain forest in the mountains near Killarney

Its a lovely region to go exploring (with the camera too). The mosses which appear on the rocks and branches are actually a lichen.

and grow on everything which they can get onto ... its extraordinarily beautiful in the mists that are common there.

Its right on the edge of the plateau there, and quite rugged terrain. Walking around the edge of the plateau is tough going as is getting up there ... for years there were only a few places up onto the range from the eastern side.

The view to the east (and the Pacific ocean) is spectacular ... and even though the elevation here is about 1000 meters the ocean is still behind a few more mountains yet.

Anyway, this has been my first trip out with my 20mm on my GF, and I must say that I find this focal length (of ever so slightly wider than normal) to be quite attractive. Better than I'd expected. Perhaps my time with SLR's spoiled me from the once more common 44mm and got me into a slightly tighter view.

I like it :-)

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