Sunday, 7 December 2014

brief follow up on the GWC-1 wide adapter (checking to see if its the same as my earlier one)

I have already reviewed and compared my last 14mm and GWC-1 wide adapter here, however as I sold both those (the 14mm and the GWC .. don't ask) I thought while I was out walking around that a quick snap of a landscape with them would be in order.

I find them unchanged (suggesting that inter-copy variation is low). So just briefly:


+ GWC-1

note: obviously the details are smaller because being wider it squeezes more into the same frame (obviously).

right hand edge

right hand edge (GWC-1)

left hand edge

left hand edge (GWC-1)

As usual, the images were converted from RAW using dcraw so as to avoid any "in camera" corrections performed on the 14mm (which will be invalid as the camera does not know of the existence of the GWC). Presented at 100% crops with no sharpening.

Hand held at about 3000th of a sec @ f4 (f2.5 was a bit of a washout)

not bad if you ask me ... you'd really need to print these at 68.0 x 45.5 cm (that's 27 x 18 inches) and have a close look  at the edges to be seeing this ... and really ... is that what you do to a print?

Value for money and compact light weight not withstanding this is a good result if you ask me ...

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