Tuesday, 31 March 2015

party camera

I took my GF1 along to a party recently with just the 20mm f1.7 and the 45mm f1.8 ... I wanted to remain discreet (not look like I'm carrying a brick). I dislike flash so I like the GF for its larger sensor than compact cameras and this setup is great.

I was able to get great shots

and the images were acceptably clean at 1600 ISO which still gave me 1/60th (which stops enough motion). I dislike OIS in these situations because people move (no matter if the camera was on a tripod or had top shelf stabilisation).

So my 5 year old micro43 GF1 is still pulling good shots while some people struggle with their "superior" SLR cameras.

and others snap away with their phones...

its sorta clear to me why the SLR market is diminishing as phones are getting pretty good results these days (like the top shelf ones anyway).

None the less I'm not about to trade in my GF any time soon as there is no way the phones can capture stuff like this:

with that sort of subject DoF isolation ...(again, hand held, 1600 ISO 1/160th) or to step out on the balcony and get this as cleanly:

even pushing the friendship with 3200 ISO (the max) isn't too disgusting when the light gets low (I should probably have under exposed this a bit ... )

The host of the party spins a better yarn than me, although I'm not sure anyone believes his story either. Certainly with a bit more light up your shutter speed sleeve dropping the ISO to 1600 its nicer

I had a good time, my camera worked with me to get some good shots and most importantly the birthday boy was happy with it all.

Happy Birthday mate!

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