Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Superglue as a wound dressing

For those of us on warfarin (and maybe some others) abrasions and mild cuts bleed like stuck pigs (as the saying goes). As I age my skin seems more inclined to be broken by impacts than at a younger ages and forearms often bear the brunt of this. The other day I caught my arm on something and opened up a wound which of course bled all over my shirt (fuck).

So after I treated the wound basically (clean, apply pressure to reduce bleeding) I mix in a drop of superglue with the fluids coming out of the wound (plasma as well as a bit of blood) and allow to dry. This is what it looked like:

The opening (a skin tear) is a bit under a cm.

The next advantage from Superglue comes the next day when it is much more stable than a scab is and even after a shower you don't need to worry about "wiping off the scab and bleeding again"

Works well and will fall off as the underlying skin exfoliates naturally.


  1. apply pressure (with a bit of absorbent paper covering the wound) first
  2. when its not oozing as much (should be no more than a few minuets) apply super glod
  3. DO NOT apply pressure with your finger then ... unless you want a comedy to ensue


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