Monday, 29 October 2012

mourning thoughts

They say that death comes for us all, which I for one don't doubt. However its not our own death which leaves us mourning, its the death of some one else.

It would seem to me that on average something like half of us will go through the death of a wife / husband / partner / soul mate / [insert preferred title]. Simply because one will die and leave the other alone. Often (as is more natural) the death of a spouse comes later in life, when you are already old and not so far from death yourself.

I've noticed that the elderly are often sidelined by the mainstream society, most probably because the young just can't understand what the elders are saying (and so ignore it).

Thus it is only the relative few of us who have their wife/husband die in the midst of their life that have the energy and the social interactions to make a noise about it all.

Most who read this won't get it, will dismiss it. Some may feel pity. Others may pause reflect on the blessings they have in life to be alive and sharing love with their partners.

So that's what I want you to take away from this ... love the life you have and love the one you're with. Show them respect and give of your self selflessly.

Really, its all that really matters


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So very, very true.