Friday, 8 February 2013

a Jewelers job

The role of a Jeweler is not to make a diamond, but to bring forth its beauty so that everyone can see it (as clearly as he did).

Something I saw from the first time I laid eyes on my wife was her beauty. It was over time that I was able to see her inner beauty.

Something that Anita said to me early in our relationship was that she wanted to be beautiful. I immediately told her that she was beautiful.

But (being a woman) she had heard that all too often before from men trying poor lines to "pick up", so the words had no meaning when simply spoken. So it became my job to reveal to her the beauty she possessed.

I guess the first thing one needs to do is build upon self confidence, and that is something which is perhaps less well nurtured in women. For in the competitive world all that matters (to all and sundry) is success. Winning. Second is just part of the group of losers.

Through ups and downs I took every opportunity to remind her she was beautiful, to show her how I thought she was beautiful, not just in her appearance but in who she was. To encourage her to see, to know know this and be confident to express her beauty herself.

I know I was successful.

our engagement ring

Its not just about vanity, its about caring attitudes, strong character and self respect. Building confidence and helping them to see their own beauty.

I think that the only thing you can take with you from this place to the next is your heart and soul. I'm glad that I got to help her see how beautiful hers was. She remains my Exquisite Jewel
 Shouldn't we all be jewelers on the ones we love? I think we should.


Yu-Lin Chan said...

Love the picture with the mushroom and the one with a giant ice cream bowl. Too often we don't have enough of these kind of humor in our lives.

Charles Maclauchlan said...

Anita's attractiveness comes through easily in your images, her beauty also. All of these images show a very pretty woman, no question. Some, like the 2 mentioned by Yu-Lin or the pickle shot, or my favorite, the bunny costume you posted previously...these show a woman who understood how you saw her. Her beauty really shines through the more playful images.

You did a good job.

obakesan said...

Thanks Charles, but it really was a story that told itself.

I hope that I didn't come across as blowing my own trumpet here, as my purpose was to encourage others to do the same.