Monday, 18 March 2013

now THATS a spider

I was talking to some one recently who had a spider living on their window. Their descriptions of it were such as my reaction was "well, gee, I think you should kill that".

I'm not normally worried about the typical spiders we get here in Australia around the house, but when she  showed me a picture she'd taken of it (cos I was curious if she could show me that) I was more sure "I don't want THAT around my house thanks!"

Zoomed in more you can see it has quite good fangs.

bloody nora.

Anyone know what it is? (well dead now, but what it was)


Yu-Lin Chan said...

Oh My God! I thought spiders like this only exist in movies. I certainly would not want THAT around my house either. Gives me chills.

Noons said...

Mate, I set them on fire before asking about their family roots. If there is one thing that gets me totally frazzled, it's these buggers! Snakes, I can cope with and even like. Spiders? Gaaaaaah!

Dominic said...

Ack! That's a nasty looking thing. Possibly a Mouse Spider - hard to tell with a shot through a screen.

Will be looking for spiders everywhere for the rest of the day now :-)

Anonymous said...

where there is trees there are spiders - yes that is a big bugger, i don't think i would have killed it though, a big plastic tub some cardboard slid underneath and out you go my friend back over to the tree! Kevin.