Thursday, 14 March 2013

paths in life: divergence and congruence.

I was thinking about something that Charles said in a recent comment on my blog and it led me to this thought.

If life is a path which we are on, that often brings us onto similar paths with others. As we travel together we can find that we enjoy our time together and become friends. Sometimes our brief encounters are enough to realise that this person is important to us, and we alter our journey to be with them.

Sometimes we just happen to share the same spaces on our journey.

Sometimes we meet people we don't like and alter our lives to avoid them.

After enough time spent together we may feel comfort in the familiarity and want to keep walking shoulder to shoulder. Yet its possible that the other person has begun to alter their course in another directions for reasons which have nothing to do with us. Their personal priorities are taking them away on another path in life.

Despite the desire to keep company, life is showing that our paths lay in different directions. So its wise to allow that divergence to occur without distress or discomfort. Even if you feel it wasn't your desire or choice to diverge.

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