Sunday, 30 March 2014

a walk on the lake

yesterday was a lovely day out on the lake ... as an Australian I never quite loose the magic feeling (and slight apprehension) of walking straight off the shore and over to an island.

This was taken with my FD200 which was a wee bit too telephoto, so to get the angle I wanted I stitched 2 images together and voilla ... higher res version of what I'd get with a 100mm lens.

Oh, and the ice was thick and movement (combined with lack of snow) is showing the cracks too.


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Aunty Lou said...

Oh how beautiful! That house in the trees is spectacular. Don't know about walking on that ice though! I think I would be far too chicken. I love the way the ice appears to have frozen mid-ripple...never really thought about it before. I guess that is what comes of never having experienced a real winter.