Wednesday, 25 April 2018

ANZAC day in a small town

I live in a small town, not far from where I was born (well, a couple of hundred Km). Like most places in Australia we take ANZAC day seriously. Its not just a time for old guys (and some young too) to be able to be proud of their service, its all so a time to be seen by the community you live in and recognized for who you have been (not everyone likes to go around crowing about it).

There has often times in history been some community anger about Australias role in international politics (and yes, the armed forces is a wing of that).

So here's a quick look at today's "ceremony"

As it happens I know a few of the ex-servicemen ... for instance this pair of great blokes (who have both been guidance and support to me in my past)

Knowing these two guys for a few decades myself now its good to see them able to walk proudly and get some recognition for their past service in the local community. (sadly it hasn't always been so)

In particular I'm glad they're getting to find some rest from their own traumas (which only service men and women really get).

Hats Off