Wednesday, 21 September 2011

broken nest

I noticed this morning that the bird wasn't on the nest. So I thought I'd pop down quickly and get a quick shot of the nest

Looking at the picture I noticed what seemed to be the first signs of the egg breaking. I though that this was a little early and could mean a problem.

Sure enough a closer look with a longer lens reveals the egg has been pecked.

I'm expecting this to be the currawongs. These are vastly increased in number around here due to local 'goody-2-shoes' dopes who have migrated here from Sydney or Melbourne to retire. Not knowing a currawong from a crow from a wren think its nice to have a bunch of birds around their house and feed the bloody things.

So now we only have large black birds which after the kitty cats these people move in with do their best at destroying the local small bird population.

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