Sunday, 18 September 2011

The New Hospital

The new hostpital is being built to the west of my home. You can see the cranes over in the sunset.


Its perhaps a sign of both the growing population and the spread of high rise development here. Its designed to perhaps replace the one which was to the east of my place which was built in the 1980's to augment the one which was built there way earlier.

I live in a beautiful place, which of course means that greedy bastards come here to make money out of selling the natural beauty to people looking for somewhere to retire to. In every environment creatures find unexploited niches and exploit them. So it didn't take long before other creatures realised that tourism from afar was a "good thing" and "developing" the place took on new meaning.

The Gold here is on the coastal real estate, and the beaches and local geography is actually about as good as it ever gets.

In that shot above I've tried to minimize the intrusion of the development on the scenery, but in reality its more like this


Of course people how live in places like this:


are not disturbed by the high rise because its still less than they have, plus its what they see on TV when they watch Hawaii five Oh or CSI somewhere. Perhaps worse if they've come from Asia. They often don't have the faintest clue that the place once looked quite different.

Its only the people who have lived here for their lives that can tell you that "Sure the Goldie looks like an overdeveloped slag with pockets of lovely areas still in it, but you know, it wasn't always so"

Looking at Southport from the sky you can see (in the red) exactly which areas are going to get another high-rise in the near future.

the place with the arrow at the bottom is the pair of houses pictured above.

You can see by the shadows the high-rise already there. When you add to this new construction to the already high population of the region it does not take a scientist to work out we've got growth problems.

Strangely there is very little planned development for infrastructure such as roads and nothing I'm aware of for water (except for the Desal in Tugun) and the existing dams and flood mitigation devices in Brisbane.

While the Coast may be "Famous for Fun" its more infamous for just being a showcase of exploitation and greed; pushing around the locals while fat cats make money.

Its like the old Vulcan logic "the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the one" transformed into "the greed of the few outweighs the needs of the many"

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