Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Strawberries as a metaphor

Often things in Australia seem driven by bigger is better. Noone here seems to have any clue on what things should actually taste like and so we have stuff on sale in the supermarkets which has little or no resemblance to what it may have been originally.

Strawberries are a good example of this.

Supermarkets also seem to prefer things which give them lower spoilage, so producers are encouraged to produce bigger and brighter things which last longer on the transport -> shelf gig. How it tastes seems to be secondary (if at all any consideration).

This huge strawberry is typical of what seems to be prized here. Its big, its red and crunches like an apple when bitten into.

While it may be bitter and sour that's just because it needs more whipped cream or some sugar.

Isn't that how food is meant to be? Tasteless and needing tomato sauce or something sweet over it to "bring out the flavour"

Once upon a time Strawberries were little fellas ... like this

They had delicious flavour and were sweet all on their own. They don't however transport well so that rules them out in feeding up to people who are living in cities.

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