Friday, 17 February 2012

Nokia E63 or E72 maps

People often want this or that phone because its got a bigger screen making it easier for navigation. Well personally if I'm driving I just want the basic facts at a glance. When I look at my speedo I want to see the speed on a dial not as a list of other numbers as on a spread-sheet

So I'm often surprised that people who review phones never point out the most useful screen of the Nokia OVI maps navigation, perhaps most of the reviewers never actually use the phones much or have any technical competence to figure out what it is they don't already know. Seems a bit like asking a Muslim to give me a review of various ham sandwiches if you ask me.

When navigating with my Nokia (well, either of them) I have the choice of 3 screen views, these are:

Normally when I'm driving I want the middle one because I don't want to take my eyes off the road for long and I don't want all the visual clutter of the other streets.

This is the middle one.

So even though the screen is smaller than on my tom tom I can actually see where I'm going by looking at the road and using the phone for directions as to where to turn.

The most important thing is shown (like what sort of turn it is and how far it is.

Backed up by a voice. If I wanted to look at the maps (not while I'm driving, but say when I'm pulled over on the side or walking) then I can do that too.

Clean and simple isn't it.

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