Friday, 17 February 2012

Why only indigenous peoples

One of the things that bugs me a little is the seemingly unstated premise that only indigenous peoples have any connection to the land. Perhaps this attitude is driven out of the media and the government who (as organizational creatures) seem to derive from the City.

Well as one who comes from a small town, who went to school in the one area, who had strong roots in rural Australia I can say that "its not just the Aboriginal peoples of this land who feel this way". Personally I have a strong connection with the land as well as with the areas in which I grew up in, such as where my school used to be.

I can see why the Aboriginal peoples may think that the 'white Australians' don't care about the land, especially when they see the outcomes we get and when they only meet Government representatives or agro local. But there are plenty of us Australians who were also born here who feel the same way.

It regularly breaks my heart to see paces like the one in this photo turned into wasteland or perhaps worse flooded (for dam construction) for the sake of what is called progress or development.

Personally I can't think of a more perverse word to use for that.

So if you're reading this and you're indigenous then take a moment to reflect on what I've written here and remember that we all live in this land and you can't make assumptions about my beliefs based on my colour or the fact that I look to be similar to those who claim to represent us in what is called Representative Government, thats just prejudice. We all know what sorts of problems that have come from that now don't we

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