Saturday, 19 January 2013

Appreciation of the finer things

If I had been younger, could I have got over it easier?

If I had been older would I have just slipped into a reverie and drifted away?

Being younger I may never have grasped what I lost. That in itself would be a tragedy, as she was such a rewarding person to know, to have loved, to have been loved by.

To have had that pass through your life unnoticed and unlamented would be like an ignorant fool disposing of a gift of fine art. Because they didn't understand or appreciate its worth.

I feel I am in the middle where neither is possible and I must somehow cope with it. It certainly isnt easy, but what choice do I have?

Every day, you are missed my love

Silloin on marrasku minulla ... ikuisesti


Anonymous said...

No words Chris, Just love from all your family.


Yu-Lin Chan said...

Personally, I would rather have loved someone, and then lost her, than never have met her. Love is not measure by the amount of time spent together, but the quality of it. Some lived their whole life together, but never truly loved; some spent a short while together, but the experience is enough to last a life time.

obakesan said...

I agree with you Yu-Lin.

It does not lessen the impact however. I have a saying which I never expected to be applying to myself in this manner: the further you fall, the harder you land.

And I have fallen from a very great height

Yu-Lin Chan said...

Certainly! If it doesn't hurt, you haven't loved at all. When the pain is unbearable and you would rather die in her place, you know you have loved someone more than yourself, as you have.

Anonymous said...

Chris no matter where you go in your life from this day forward the memories and minutes and seconds of your time with your special woman will always guide you which ever direction.