Thursday, 17 January 2013

interested in photography? (he asked him knowingly)

nudge nudge ... wink wink

well any reader of my blog knows that I am :-)

Tonight I was looking around Farcebook and notice an image use to sell up some real estate.

no doubt taken with a digital camera, and (looking at the shadow in the top middle of the frame) not a very big sensor one either. That bit of 'dust' is classic small camera stuff.

I thought it would be interesting to compare this with the image I got from a pinhole camera I use of my house. Now this is using box brownie 120 roll film which dates from 1901.

The Pinhole Camera dates from much earlier than that. So looking at what sort of image we get from more than century old technology ...

I don't think I see a shit load of development in that time.

As always the advantage of digital comes down to:
  • rapid delivery of product
  • convenience
  • no skill needed
Now that is not to say that skilled photographers don't use digital cameras, rather it is to say that users without skills can't use film cameras.

There is of course no point to this post (that is if you haven't already found it in examining the image)


Yu-Lin Chan said...

Amazingly sharp and detailed picture from the pinhole camera. All previous pictures I saw from pinhole cameras were blurry. Without much understanding of the subject, I thought that was the characteristics. This has changed my perception.

h said...

What I find funny is all the people who have a surprisingly capable camera in their phone, but then use instagram to make the photos look like they were taken with a box brownie.

Charles Maclauchlan said...

well, as the saying goes:
"there's 150 years of experience built into the shutter button of most digital cameras."

or my favorite:
"Why yes. I do use the P setting on my camera but only for those images I really want to turn out well."

obakesan said...



I wish I'd had the cam in my current phone back in 2001


I hope that isn't your saying ;-)


among what is critical with pinhole cameras is the proper matching of the pinhole to the focal length and desired focal distance. There is a tradeoff with respect sharpness and then diffusion as you get smaller.

Did you ever spot this post ages ago when I got the camera?

Yu-Lin Chan said...

Amazing picture in the link, and was taken with a Holga no less. Thanks for the information on pinhole cameras. Might try a digital version of it.

obakesan said...

pinhole camera images don't tolerate enlargement very well. The 120 image being 6x9 (which is centimeters btw) is only slightly enlarged on the screen. The APS or 4/3 sensor being so small looks dreadfully soft

Doesn't hurt to try though :-)