Sunday, 2 June 2019

Unconscionable components decisions make good products into junk

Back in 2009 I had this particular model of folding kick scooter for getting between office and train, it was great and I used it all lot even on weekends.

Having long since gotten rid of that scooter (changed countries, different needs) I came to find myself again in need of a scooter for a similar role. I was pleased to find the same (or almost) one still available for a reasonable price at a variety store in town. Having had such a good run out of the last one I was pleased to find a new copy of my old friend.

However things were not so good this time round and the scooter had a rear wheel bearing collapse in just 3 days.


By two weeks the front wheel bearings were in a bad state too, and in the verge of collapsing too.

I got new bearings off eBay for just 70¢ each.

Makes me wonder just how many of these scooters became landfill in a week because of simply cheaping out on such a trivial part?

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