Sunday, 21 July 2019

battery compartment preventive maintenance

I have often stitched up my clothes and I can attest to the correctness of the adage "a stitch in time saves 9"; so I decided to do a bit of quick maintenance on my Mercane Wide Wheel (dual motor) while I was pulling the cover off for an inspection of battery (for evidence of heat damage, and I found none).

Basically I found that the battery is actually held in place by that bottom cover, so its actually important to not break it (because it serves an important purpose too). I also observed that the battery is already sagging (well why wouldn't it) and putting weight on the wire that runs underneath it (see video). So I decided to give it some additional supports (other than just pressing on the wire).

While I was in there I actually noticed that there are holes in the bottom of the base, which is a good thing as that's going to help ventilation and allow water to drain. I'll have a closer look at my single motor one when I get back to Brisso tomorrow.

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