Friday, 13 March 2009

snouts in the trough

I was reading the paper again this morning (why do I keep doing that?) and came across this pearl, about the ANZ happily taking Australian Federal Government Funding with one hand while happily signing off the sacking of 500 staff (probably many of them IT workers) to have their jobs outsourced to Bangalore India.

Some of the more salient points:

So not only will the jobs go, but also the data and data handling techniques too. Its 'comforting' to see that the call center jobs (those which are the least skilled and most frustrating for the workers) will stay in Australia.

With so little to sell and to enhance our economy we seem content to set ourselves up as being nothing more than the front desk and house maid service providers.

Lovely ... thanks ANZ ... now I know why my family has closed all its accounts with you.

Is it any wonder that for centuries caricatures of bankers and the banking industry have been represented by pigs in the satire response to social events.

I wonder when people will get tired of this.

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