Thursday, 30 July 2009

government language

I have a number of issues with the way that Australia is coping with economic development like the focus on GDP over the actual trade balance making our internal services sector appear to be worth more than our exports of coal and ore. To quote from Robert Heinlein's "the moon is a harsh mistress" its like two Chinese living in a valley getting rich by selling rocks to each other.

A cute modern term bantered about these days is a "jobless recovery" which is right down the logical path Heinlein was talking about, as who will be buying stuff if less people have jobs? On this topic I was reading the ABC website and found this wonderful quote:

When asked ... whether the program would offer jobs or work experience, Employment Participation Minister Senator Mark Arbib replied: "It's a fine line but can I tell you, it is work experience but work experience is a job."
right ... tell that to someone trying to get ahead in life.


Noons said...

I'd love to know who's gonna sustain the economy when all jobs have been offshored? What, the Indians and the Chinese are gonna buy their groceris at Woolies?

obakesan said...

you and me both buddy ... looking at India's dealing of the Guijar ( and China's long standing track records I suspect that the Aboriginal people may wish for our government back...