Sunday, 6 September 2009

A fool and their money

I am clearly not learning the lessons in life, particularly on just how gullible can members of the general public be. I found this article this morning in the news:

People are being warned against joining a NSW dating service following reports victims were fleeced of thousands of dollars in their quest for love....
... the Tweed Heads company had used misleading and deceptive tactics to induce people to sign expensive contracts for dating services, life coaching and grooming packages .... Some victims reported paying up to $35,000 and $110,000 but received nothing in return. Evidence also existed that the company had preyed on emotionally vulnerable.
Ok ... here's what I'll do, for absolutely nothing I'll offer a strategy to people who might be in similar situations. This will save you money and I'm sure that you'll be no worse off

  1. Stick up an ad at the local supermarket saying:
    WANTED: person of {state required / desired sex} gender to offer: personal advice on grooming; tell me how they think I should to run my life; meetings will be in the form of a date on weekends, at my personal cost. Additionally I will pay you $200 per date. Sexual intimacy not required, but it would be nifty

  2. wait for the calls
  3. go out with the person who calls

Even if you get a date every Saturday night for a year it'll only cost you $20,000 and you'll have had a date every saturday night (with exactly the sort of person most people end up marrying anyway).

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