Thursday, 1 April 2010

when did we become so bloody precious

I have found that there is a new website lampooning the Tourism Australias new campaign "There's nothing like Australia" (warning to stuff shirts: that links to the lampoon site).

Seems quite funny to me, but it seems to have pricked up the ire of some of my fellow Australians who are quite vehemently against it.

For example:

Geeze mate, turn it up!

The Kiwi right below you says it all, right on the button.

This response sounds exactly like the sort of crap which causes road rage stabbings on our highways. This underscores exactly what is wrong with some groups of modern Australians who have forgotten how to have a good piss-take and laugh at ourselves.

For your info mate, knocking ourselves used to be a national pass-time ... so loosen up and undo your hatband a bit, its clearly on too tight.

when the bloody hell did we become so precious we can't have a laugh at ourselves? Go watch some Hoges or Gunsten on youtube and lighten up.

If that doesn't help, I suggest you go out for a surf with your mates:

if we can't laugh at ourselves then we've become something very un-likable.


Noons said...

Aye! Too true!

Soundimageplus said...

We have similar nonsense in the UK. There's a newspaper here called the Daily Mail that spends its tome promoting the virtues of our country against the pernicious influence of the EU and "Johnny Foreigner"

It was not always so. They were pro-Hitler in the 1930's.