Wednesday, 16 June 2010

the tree ate it

I've been doing a few renovations on my house since coming back to Australia, and among them was doing up the floors in the bottom story of the house.


well, anyway ... I was wandering around up stairs (on the way out of the bathroom) and lost in pondering where the best place to relocate the TV antenna cable socket would be when (while gazing out the window) I noticed something missing ...

my TV antenna.

It used to be right on the corner of the roof ... just above where a small palm tree used to be


Well ... I had been getting signal ok ... A careful look into the palm tree reveals the answer


its still there, only as the palm has grown up its taken the antenna with it.

I'm so glad my father planted that bloody palm ... what was he thinking?

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Noons said...

Reminded me of the aerial Dad and I set in the backyard way back in the 60s, so we could hear the European news on the shortwave in East Timor.
We strung it up between bamboo poles, one of the poles took root and kept growing while the other was dry. Doesn't take long in the tropics for this sort of thing to produce a nasty result...