Thursday, 1 July 2010

Australian magpies

for some time I've been "friends" with the local magpie. I didn't encourage him (or her) any more than just whistling back while I was working in the front yard at first.

The Australian magpie is no relation to the one in the European and Asian continent.

Sometimes I'm working away in the back room on the PC (like now) and he comes to the door and starts singing. If you go out and whistle around he'll give you time to say your bit, then says his bit.

He first started showing up in 2005, and I was pleased to find that he was still in the territory when I can back from Europe this year. It was hard to not share a crumb or two with him, so recently I started tossing him something now and then.

He (or she, not sure) comes and sits by the back room and sings away ...


Noons said...

In Sydney, their beautyful warble is a sign Spring is close!
We get quite a few around here, the postie hates them during Spring. ;)

The Tasmanian Ambassador said...

One of my favourite due to their cheerful chorusing,
which here in Tasmania can be heard year round,
inspite of our 4 distinct seasons.
Far nicer than the UK version!