Monday, 20 September 2010

compact evolution takes a new step

I was over at DPReview earlier and found a great announcement
The Fuji X100 camera. This is a an exciting development in bringing back to photographers a simple and elegant camera which (hopefully) will enable high quality image capture.

Particularly I like to see this part:
EXR Processor Newly Developed

* When combined with the high-performance lens and high-sensitivity sensor, the newly developed EXR Processor achieves the highest definition, sensitivity and wide dynamic range image quality of any digital camera produced by Fujifilm.

Toddle over to DP Review and have a look


Charles Maclauchlan said...

well put this in the "Never say never" category. Over the last few years I have decided I will never need another large sensor bayer camera but...a rangefinder digital.... Hmmm.

Fuji made my Hasselblad xPan film camera and it's first quality in every way. I would expect the same quality.

I'm a fan of small camera's with large sensors, my Sigma DP1 is a gem...except for it's clunky handling and it's fragility. A Fuji...Hmmm.

Noons said...

That SD1 Foveon certainly looks yummy! If only Sigma released it with a Nikon or Canon mount instead of the "unique" Sigma one...

obakesan said...

the SD does look good, but why do they insist on calling 4800 x 3200 46Mp??

I know they were trying to drum up business with the DP series when pixel count mattered and I know that its not bayer array but still ...

Noons said...

The funny thing is 16MP for an APS-C size sensor is more than respectable, actually it's darn good!
Foveon or Bayer notwithstanding, particularly given they don't need an anti-alias filter.
Even if the multiplier was only 2 and not 3 as they claim, the end result would still be awesome!
Of course it remains to be seen at what ISO does this thing top-out, but even if it stops at 800 I'd still be happy.
Been looking for a camera I can use as a slide duplicator (a lot faster than a conventional scanner) and this might well be it!