Sunday, 19 December 2010

blown water main

well for most of the day I've been saying "rain rain go away"

however we've just had the water main blow in our street ... damn it

Its been turned off now, but you can see where it was squirting up under the pavement and out of the ground ... to the right there.


naturally its dug up some of the clay and rock.


and flowing out into the rest of the street ...


seems Perkele is not without a sence of humor...

post scriptum

The guys have started digging (in the rain) to repair the main


after they dug through a half a meter or so of clay they exposed the old main ..


gosh, looks just like the old part which used to cross the creek when I was a kid.

Like seeing an old friend really


Noons said...

Wow! All that recent rain must have made the ground move and ... "crack"!

obakesan said...

yeah ... and to think last week I told a friend to "get a tank" when she complained about a water outage.

we've filled 50 liters or more for washing water and perhaps showers tomorrow ... who knows