Thursday, 18 August 2011

sometimes I miss travel

Alberta Canada is a beautiful place

click for larger view

not much else to say really ...

PS: just for balance living in these places brings with it stuff like this when driving your car.


Charles Maclauchlan said...

it is indeed. Nice pano

Noons said...

Dang, we near ended up there. Applied for a migrant entry to Australia (Sydney), Canada (Edmonton) and Venezuela (Caracas).
Australia came in first.
Canada approved one week later.
I didn't bother going back to check the third option!

obakesan said...

Noons, I should show you pictures of me shoveling snow from the driveway to get the car out. When its really cold its not heavy, but as it turns towards May it gets wet and a shovel load starts weighing more.

Oh, and scraping melted and refrozen shit of you windscreen is no fun either. If you can't park under cover its gonna add 10 or 15 min to your trip each way.

Then there's shit like this: