Saturday, 4 August 2012

Australian edible plants

Lots of stuff that we can eat and enjoy more of the forests


Sami said...

Gotta say that's not as appealing as the stuff we had in Northern Europe, but I'd still love to learn to forage more here. Two main problems are a) access, i.e. where one can pick and where not and b) knowledge. Got any books to recommend on identifying edible wild stuff here?

obakesan said...

for sure. But take out the imported and hybridised plants and that may be less of a sumptious palate.

Interactions with China, India, exploration of south america certainly helped Europe along.

Noons said...

Illawarra plums: yummy as!
Got one in our garden, they are delicious!

obakesan said...

Sami, see my comments in this post