Sunday, 20 October 2013

Christians (and drowning)

A friend of mine once noted to me that many christians are a poor advertisement for the Chruch. He is a Church going Christian (and a nice bloke just to make this clear).

For some reason most christians (note the lack of C and c instead) get tied up in espousing dogmas and 'teachings' like "Old Faitful" geyser. They squirt it all up in the air and take little responsibility for anything they say. It is after all gods words.

Yet despite their strong convictions and deep love of god these assholes seem to act in the main in quite contradictory manners to their stated positions.

They seem to have never heard that there was this fellow born in Nazereth some years ago who through the writings of others taught a philosophy of forgiveness, compassion, understanding, helping your fellow men and turning the other cheek. The existence of this fellow is not in dispute as he is documented even by non-Christians, the issue which is in dispute by many (but I don't really care) is was he the Christ or not?

What I care about is the assholes who "jam it in my nose" about god with a righteousness and the authority of god, when they don't even stop for a minute to see they are walking all over the grass of every single thing that this Jesus bloke taught.

To me if you wish to call yourself a Christian then you should try to follow the teachings of the Jesus you call Christ. If you don't hold that dear than your just a christian.

It is a kind of irony to me that the country that considers itself a "Christian" nation is perhaps most guilty in the world of tyranny, oppression, acts of war and the making of weapons.

It of course comes as no surprise to me that the "christians" from that shithole are the most offensive least tolerant and most jam it in your face.

Rome In this variant particular of the "emergent evolution" of a complex systems game rules (which is running around the world today on the hardware of humanity), the values of the Roman Empire seem to have re-emerged and finally vanquished the Christians that Rome once put into the Colosseum.

Personally I'm part of the walking wounded in this "war of maths". I'm one who values the teachings of the fellow from Nazareth but believes that what he tried to teach about God is too complex for humans. The result is that "god" is subjugated into the form of a weapon of control and used to group together many to become a powerful force. Such a bundle held together is also a fasces. Once a symbol of power in Rome, it has come to have another meaning in politics.

Strangely this isn't what I think Jesus wanted us to take away...

So yes, I've got issues ... yes I'm struggling. I'm angry and I say shit. So I'm exactly the sort of person that christian will take issue with.

While drowning its bloody difficult to remain calm. As noone in society has taught me (us?) how to swim this particular sea of torment I am expected by those still in the boat to struggle in an appropriate manner. Few in the boat seem to want to help, some can't swim either (and understandably fear being dragged down too) while others simply move to the other side where they can't see me.

Somehow I think the older church may have had a better method:
  • I'd say something like "the lord is a rottern bastard"
  • They'd stone me to death or burn me at the stake
  • it would be intense for a while but would be over soon
  • I wouldn't need to struggle with notions of suicide cos they would kill me for my sins

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