Thursday, 28 November 2013

Onions have layers (as do brains)

Since the passing of Anita I have discovered that while I am changing to accept things that I'm also changing in other ways. Quite distinctly I've become more emotional, and occasionally irrational.

 A friend of mine remarked to me when I discussed this with her:
I believe that if something really good or really bad happens in your life, which you can't explain by using your brilliant brains, you become more emotional.
She has quite brilliant brains and has just had a daughter. So thats pretty emotional (and hormonal) stuff.

So I came think about this, and I wonder if it is something like a mental version of what happens with concussion. As the brain is a massively parallel computing device perhaps there is a subsystem reboot:

anyway, my mental reboot is taking place ... or its stuck ... can't be sure

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