Sunday, 4 January 2015

Australian de-capacitation

Happy New Year ...

Its been quiet on the blog (well I've been engaged in social things and making some more discoveries on managing my INR).

In Env Sci we discuss "capacity building" as teaching (mainly) 3rd world peoples how to have the capacity to use the science and engineering of modernity for the betterment of their community.

I have begun to see that a Newtonian balancing act is occuring in the west with a decapacitation of the population - meaning we are making people both dumber and unable to cope with modernity - occuring to make things even.

The driving force in both instance is the profit motive. I have been trying to tune my hot water system for summer to minimise electricity costs and I measured the temp of my water this morning at 50°C. I thought that this may be a little low, so I did some digging on Legionella and found this in a Government Publication:

my first thoughts were:
  • no shit Sherlock, hot water can scald
  • to lower the temperature, simply turn on the cold tap .... 
I'm stunned that this needs to be made clear to people. Further I'm (sadly not surprised) stunned to read that the solution is to install some extra technology other than just use your cold tap and your brain.

Its even easier if you have modern mixer taps.

King Wang is increasing his hold (with the blind leading the blind)

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