Sunday, 3 January 2016

down at the beach

was down walking on the beach (as I am wont to do) and was struck by a few things of beauty.

the sky

and this little noxious bastard washed up on the sand

which you don't want to find when you are in the water.

So, in the spirit of the best camera you have is the camera you have with you I thought I would share these images which happen to be from my trusty Nokia E-72 phone, which has been giving me great shots since I bought it used in 2012...

not bad for a 2009 phone in 2016, and still generates lots of interest on my blog

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Yu-Lin Chan said...

Wow, is the blue thing a jellyfish? It looks pretty, actually. I agree with you, Nokia put a lot of thought into the camera part of the phone. I had an E-71 once, and it had a good camera. I am just not a Nokia guy, doesn't matter how hard I tried. I owned a few Nokia phones with the last one being the Lumina 920, that also had a great camera.