Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Eight Years Ago

Eight Years ago I started this blog, it wasn't my start of digital writing nor my start of posting, but it was the point where I decided to move away from my old ISP's hosting of my stuff and me rolling my own HTML (which I don't really like to do) and into (then) blogger.

Back then my first post was both an examination of digital and (couched in the context of) a look around my surrounds.

I was living in Kouvola back then and just settling into life back in Finland. I'd been in Finland on and off from 2006 and in 2007 we made a brief journey back to Australia. Anita however scored the first job and as was our pact we moved to where that was (which was back to Finland).

The years in Finland were challenging (as only a migrant knows) but intensely rewarding, and like all good rewards continue foward in time.

Since that time it seems to a numerical view of my blog posts that my interest in expression has waned, which is not entirely true.

When I see this frequency chart what I see is a combination of free time, things to talk about (subject matter) and a feeling that "I've done to death" some of the subject matters.

My blog (despite appearances) was never intended to be simply a technical outlet, although that has always been part of it. A significant part of it has been to allow friends and family to know what we are doing, as well as my expressive outlet.

I've decided to stop blurting out my frustrations about politics or religion and my posts about grief are pretty much done. This is because the rest of my journey in grief is not something I wish to share and not something I feel will be able to assist others who are on the same path as me.

There is much happening in my life and in some ways it will be interesting to see what number 2016 gets in posts by the end of it.

So, I'll leave you with a shot taken from inside a Summer cottage (uninsulated) in winter in Finland (because its summer in Australia now)

Best Wishes to all

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Aunty Lou said...

That is a lovely photo. No matter the outside temp...that looks like a nice place to be.