Friday, 25 March 2016

less can be more

Sometimes its not important how many megapixels you have, its about the feelings.

Down at the beach last night with my camera and I wanted to show the evening as I saw it. I couldn't quite do it without too much contrast, but I was happy just to do another shot showing the fact that the sky is blue even by moonlight (just our eyes aren't usually sensitive in colour enough to see it, although we sort of just can).

Hand held nearly 2 seconds and with enough motion blur that an upscale would be neater than the full RAW image.

Anyway .. I liked the movement of the waves.


Noons said...

Incredible what cameras can do nowadays.
5 years ago I would have point blank rejected the notion that images like this could be taken.
After my storm night trials at 25000ISO and still presentable and trying out astronomy shots at 5000 ISO and getting quite good results, it's not a surprise anymore!
And it's indeed amazing how the sky is always blue! We just cannot see the dark blue at night!

headpnut416 said...

Beautiful! I love the dreamy quality in your picture. Hopefully it is a reflection of how your life is going now. I grew up on the Eastern coast of Florida in the US and still feel more centered and peaceful when I'm near the water. Take care.

obakesan said...

thanks mate ... its slowly emerging as a life not just a trauma.

Yu-Lin Chan said...

For some reason, the big wave seems to be moving when I look at it. Unless, of course this is an animated GIF, which I doubt.