Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Oppo F1 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

as much of this has been dragged about in the other Oppo F1 posts I've made (for instance), rather than dissect again here, I'm going to just present the basics. Please go to that other post on the iPhone 5 for an analysis of what I'm presenting quickly here. Its worth noting that the SG6 seems to give its 'native' resolution at 16:9 ratio, and that 4:3 is a crop




So, the well observed (*by me at least) Oppo crummy light and colour balance holds the Oppo back (as it did with the iPhone 5s). Knowing that the Oppo camera actually can capture more with DNG, I took a DNG with the Oppo (already knowing the benefits of that) and developed that in Photoshop


which to me has better colour balance than either of the above JPG's and better preservation of tones. What about details?


Ok ... some 100% crops



Oppo DNG

Better shadow details, soft look (from not being over sharpened) and yet way more texture and colour fidelity. Note the basketball hoop  ... its actually orange! Look also at the Norfolk Pine showing more details and the TV ariel in the tree leaves above the cream building.

To me the differences in the JPG's from the two cameras are insubstantial, and while the S6 may have more pixels its not really holding more information. There is some obvious heavy handed automatic sharpening in both, with the S6 making the clouds look like they were drawn, and neither actually showing the basket ball hoop up as orange (except the DNG).

The S6 does produce a wider image but then you could pano that tiny bit with the F1 and equal it if you were at Grand Canyon or something which needed that.

Myself I don't really use 16:9 as a ratio much, except for landscapes.

Sure there is a wee bit of organic looking noise in the DNG from the Oppo, its a bit "soft" because it hasn't been processed in a heavy handed manner.

For the snapshooter either the F1 or the S6 give "ball park" JPG images, and the Oppo benefits from the RAW for a photographer seeking more.

If the S6 gave RAW options then it may nudge the Oppo out, but not by a "holy cow" amount.

Lastly, don't just take my word for it, go check out the less interesting (but informative) comparison tool at GSM Arena. I've linked that to the iPhone 6 as well cos that essentially has the same camera as the 5s (which as I mentioned above, I compared in an earlier blog post)

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Yu-Lin Chan said...

Never understand why pretty much all phone produced jpegs are so terrible. Why not give users the option of very low compression, or no compression, or better yet, RAW option like the Oppo.