Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Vappu - off to a shaky start

So, this weekend I was off with some friends out in the beautiful nature of Finland enjoying Vappu. (Vappu for folks who don't know what it is)

It was off to a shaky start (in fine Finnish spring tradition) with some iffy weather. Starting out with sunshine and warmth the day before and ending the 30th with something less fun:

We didn't let that put us off, and instead worked on fixing the pontoon for the jetty out in the sleet.

Perkele himself rewarded our Suomen Sisu with beautiful weather the next day.

Which led to some really fine sunset

and (as looking along the length of the jetty from the house is looking North) a glimpse of the coming "Midnight Sun" in a few months

with "sunset" moving along the sky line till it reached this minimum before "dawning" again.

Our accomodations were humble but entirely delightful.

Gotta love "The North"

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