Thursday, 1 June 2017

of waves and motion (and bell curves)

I've been considering an idea of modelling society based on what we know in two areas; social science and physics.

As a picture paints a thousand words I'll leave my description of my diagram brief.

The levels intelligence within society are described by a bell curve (lets not discuss how skewed that is here). Knowing that society is a dynamic thing I looked to the behaviour of waves to see what happens as society becomes more shallow.

A standard wave changes shape as it moves into shallow waters

and eventually as the wave reaches the "social media shallows"  the mediocre and dumbos form a dumper that pummels the higher intelligence groups.

An intelligent person (surfing the wave) must observe this formation and know when to "flick back" and not get smashed against the rocks by the rest of the wave.

I cite the "Cultural Revolution" as a clear example.


Jao van de Lagemaat said...

With "flick back" do you mean you have to join the crest or move over even further than that to the left of the wave?

obakesan said...

Hey Jao ... perhaps I've got my surfing vernacular mixed up. I mean to leave the front of the wave and end up behind it (and left behind as the wave crashes on the rocks).